Selasa, 22 November 2011

We Are in Love, Baby

honey . . .
i said to you
lovely to be in your side
let me hug you tight
o, darling . . .
turn me on
that’s what i need
and come on
just take me to the other place
only you and me to be in the good grace
i need you, my baby
you said to me tenderly
honey . . .
i said to you
i need you, too
such a beautiful feeling
when i get closer to you,
all dreams come true
and i feel the greatest blessing
that makes everything new
o, darling . . .
what are you waiting for?
here happiness is ours
let’s start stepping
into our romantic journey
where endless love
looks colorful enough
for you and me, my honey­ ­
Me & You
Jambi - Medan
20. 58

2 komentar:

Empuss Miaww mengatakan...


so sweet :D

Auda Zaschkya mengatakan...

wkwkkwwkk,, ada ci empuss

malu ah :P

hai empuss :D

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