Rabu, 04 April 2012


'cause i love u so much darling

 i'll do what u ask even it too hurt my heart

U know darl,i wanna be with u like usually

I can't do anything without u.. 


Just cry even i'm on my class now

 I'm sorry if i've made u angry coz my attitude..

I publicated our relationship because

 i don't wanna loose u 'cause u'r mine

Please darling, forgive me..

 Don't make my heart broken anymore

Please darling, love me like usually

 I need u so much. I miss your advice


I love u so much and u've known it

I hope you are satisfied that had succeed to hurt me

thank you for dumped me into the deepest abyss again

and I hope you find a better woman than me which is perfect like u want

goodbye my lover, I left you because you've asked

 i love you

3 komentar:

ubah dunia dengan kata mengatakan...

nice ka.. :')

Auda Zaschkya mengatakan...

kk lg sedih adek :(

Anonim mengatakan...
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